General terms of travel and contract

Validity of general terms of travel and contract

These general terms of travel and contract shall apply to all our group and individual travels.  In case that we organise trips for other travel agencies their conditions of travel and contract will usually apply. 

These terms of travel and contract will not apply to arrangements organised by Meliti travel that only consist of transfers and/or accommodation. In such cases the conditions of the respective transport company or host will be applied. 


With your registration that can be done by email you will enter into a binding contract with Meliti travel. We will immediately process your contract and you will receive our confirmation within a week’s time. In cases of short-term registrations – up to 4 weeks or less before departure time – and in cases of special bookings any arising expenses of possible communication are to be paid by the customer. 

Confirmation / legal validity

If the contents of our confirmation do not correspond with the contents of your registration, please let us know within five days at the latest. Should you miss to inform us about a possible deviation between your order and our confirmation within this time limit we assume that this implies your agreement. In this case the contract will be binding according to the law and to our confirmation.

Advance payment / remaining payment  

You are kindly asked to make an advance payment of Euro 500 per person as a contribution to the expenses of the arrangement at the time of your registration or after receiving our confirmation at the latest. There may be further advances to be transferred in order to release and pay any possible flight tickets immediately. Usually the remaining payment has to be transferred up to 4 weeks before departure. If the time between registration and departure should be shorter, the whole costs of the arrangement are due at the time the reservation is made. 

Prices, price adjustments / changes of  programme 

All prices are listed in Euro and are net prices. Further adjustments of prices and changes of services that are beyond our control will also be subject to change of costs after the conclusion of the contract. Should we be forced to change our programme in cases of unforeseen events such as delays, failure of the means of transport, poor weather, political upheavals, strikes, etc. we will inform you immediately. Any changes of programme that have to be made after you have started your journey will be made with a maximum of diligence in order to preserve the original character of your journey. In cases of failures of services you will be refunded your payments. Any other claims are ruled out. If any possible changes of services are substantial or if subsequent price increases amount up to more than 10% our customers are authorised to withdraw from the contract free of charge within 10 days of our notice. If customers will not withdraw by written statement within the given time limit we have to assume that you agree with the new conditions of the contract. In this situation you could also take part in another journey of equal value or change to a journey of higher value if you are prepared to pay the difference in price. Should you decide for a cheaper journey we will refund the price difference to you. 

Individual trips and day trips that you may book on-site with us are to be paid immediately. 

Cancellation by customers

In case of cancellations or modifications (such as change of name, change of travel date, rebooking of accommodation) within a single booking already confirmed you will be charged an administration fee of Euro 50.00 per person or Euro 150.00 per order. The cancellation insurance doesn’t cover this administration fee. 

As far as there is no cover guaranteed by your cancellation insurance you will be charged the following expenses as a percentage of the price of your arrangement:

  1. Any possible flight bookings will be dealt with in accordance with the conditions of the airline. Cancellation costs may amount up to a 100% depending on the tariff categories upon booking. 
  2. Land excursions and individual hotel arrangements

22 until 15 days before arrival: 50%

14 days until the arrival day: 100% 

  1. Group travels:

For travels consisting of a group rate the cancellation fee may amount up to 80% of the price of your arrangement if we receive your cancellation less than within 30 days before the start of your journey and if the minimal number of participants cannot be reached anymore. Cancellations within less than 15 days before the start of the journey will be charged a 100% of the arrangement price. 

  1. There may be additional expenses in case of cancellation of an accommodation booked with an early registration discount and cancelled outside the prescribed notice period. In these cases the terms of the booked accommodation will apply. 

In order to prevent extra expenses in cases of particular hardship such as disease, accident, death of a relative, etc. we strongly recommend you purchase a cancellation insurance. For all customers of Meliti Travel there is a cancellation insurance including an insurance for any possible additional costs for a return journey on offer. 

Modification request of the booked travel arrangement by the customer 

Any communication and cancellation costs due to changes in an already confirmed travel arrangement usually are to be paid by the customer. 

The customer shall be liable for any costs caused by changes during a booked journey. All changes are at the risk of the customer. Any modification of flight tickets booked at a special rate will be treated as a cancellation by all airlines.  

Substitute person

If you are not able to set out on your booked journey Meliti Travel will agree on a substitute person who has to accept the existing booking under the same conditions. In this case we will only charge you with a handling fee provided that the involved enterprises will approve of this modification (hotels, airlines, other transport companies). There may be some inconveniences during the peak season or this Chang may even not be possible due to  regulations of flight rates. In the case of a substitute person you will be responsible for the payment of the arrangement and any possible fees jointly with the replacement person.  

Cancellation by Meliti Travel

If a trip cannot take place for reasons beyond our control, such as non-granting or subsequent withdrawal of landing rights, strikes, riots, etc. or due to insufficient participation, or if the stay has to be broken off prematurely due to the above-mentioned reasons, we can cancel it at any time assert.

The cancellation due to insufficient participation takes place no later than 3 weeks before the planned departure. In any case, however, we will endeavor to offer you an equivalent replacement program. If the planned stay is canceled before the start of the journey, the advance payments already made or the travel price will be reimbursed. If we have to cancel the trip for compelling reasons (illness, death, riots), we are responsible for your return trip. Reimbursement claims for missed services are recognized. Further claims are excluded.

Travel documents

The travel documents will be sent to you electronically after payment has been made before departure. If you have not received the travel documents 6 days before departure, please notify us. We recommend that you check the documents immediately upon receipt and report any discrepancies to us.

Passport / Visa / Vaccinations

Tour participants from Switzerland and EU countries generally only need a valid ID or a valid identity card to enter Greece. However, you are responsible for passport, visa, foreign exchange, customs and health regulations yourself. Stateless persons are also responsible for bringing the documents that are authorized to enter the holiday country with them. We cannot be made liable for any consequences resulting from refused entry in particular. Thus, all disadvantages and costs that arise from non-compliance with these provisions are borne by the travel participants.


We selected and carried out the trips, excursions and diving centers on offer ourselves. Despite careful selection, inadequacies and short-term changes in opening times can occur from time to time. On site, we will always endeavor to ensure that your trip runs smoothly. Unfortunately, we cannot consider complaints that are not reported to us at the holiday location and confirmed in writing after your return. Should you have to make a complaint after your return, we ask you to notify us of this in writing and no later than 10 days after the end of your trip. We will, of course, advocate your interests in the event of a legitimate complaint.


We will compensate you for the failure or incorrect provision of the agreed services or for any additional costs you incur if we were unable to offer you an equivalent replacement service on site, unless it is your own fault. We recommend that you take out travel insurance to cover your travel risks. Diving insurance is compulsory for diving excursions. We recommend e.g. DAN, Aqua med or SUSV (CH). We are happy to help. In addition, a diving medical certificate, which is not older than 1 year, is required. Claims for damages against us become statute-barred within one year. The limitation period begins on the day following the end of the booked trip.

Place of jurisdiction / applicable law

The customer acknowledges all disputes arising from this contract with Meliti Travel – Diving, Leisure & More with the place of jurisdiction in Thierachern and the exclusive applicability of Swiss law.

Editorial deadline:

The editorial deadline was in autumn 2018. Meliti Travel reserves the right to change prices or changes to the offer after this point in time. It is therefore advisable to contact your travel agent before booking.